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Вакансии пилотов а/к Азимут
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By agreement
Volgograd (ready to move)

Male, 45 years

Citizenship: Russia

Work experience

Total flight hours: 1 hour

17 years 8 months

August 2001 — now


Different (Different), Волгоград, Ступино, Коломна, Астрахань,Азов, ВС...

Согласно должностной

Licenses and certificates

certificate 'D' 016127 federation aeronautique internationale


Unfinished higher education

2012 г.

Филиал РГГУ, Волгоград

Faculty Экономика

Specialization ФиК

Knowledge of foreign

English (Basic)

Computer knowledge:

Confident user

Driver licence:

Categories A B C D E (1994 г.)

 Key skills and achievements:

Разносторонний проф. опыт

 Your hobbies:

Спорт (шашки, дайвинг, ролики)

 Other information about yourself, comments:

После переобучения хоть в космос

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